The profit-to-loss ratio of the Fantom is excellent!

It is also excellent in terms of fundamentals and experts of blockchain have praised it a lot.

But before buying please read this.
We might be just before the last upward wave of Cryptos till to the next BTC halving, equally, we might be just at the end of the upward wave!

*************************** ATTENTION *********************************

In my view, the price of bitcoin is in an unclear position!
It may go up, it may go down, the probability of both is almost equal.
Enter the market with very small volumes.
Do not forget that we have received our profits from the crypto market before!
Do not lose all those profits!
please read my latest view to BTC


Follow the principles of capital management.
Pay attention to your strategy.
No analysis is 100% accurate, even if it sounds perfectly good.
You are responsible for your own trades, so do it carefully.
Cryptocurrencies are volatile and have been highly correlated with bitcoin in the past