FTT/USDT Local trend (Binance trimmed chart) 30 11 2023

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Logarithm. Time frame 1 day. On the chart I put a screenshot of the missing part of the Binance chart from my closed learning/work idea on this coin, which I have been trading for almost a year (published 5 01 2023).
In those 11 months, 47 local work updates.

FTT/USD Super Risk - Super Profit. FTT hearing dates

Manipulation. On the one hand the Binance exchange is not cheating, because trading was actually stopped on November 15, 2022 of this FTT/USDT trading pair and re-launched on September 22, 2023. Left on this exchange was the FTT/BUSD trading pair that was recently delisted, with the entire chart history (emphasis mine).

A person looking at the chart for the first time would not see this clever, honest forgery on it. That is, no price chart and a pump/dump of a horizontal channel with a 237% pitch and a duration of exactly 311 days, and 3 significant pump ups in that channel range. This is a 4 and possibly an exit from it, at least this triangle is formed above its resistance.

It is worth noting that if you now decide to work with this coin, remember that the price is now at +263% of the average price of the local set. Therefore, limit your risks.

Linear of this zone looks like this.

A perfect triangle has been formed, which could be the canvas of a rising pennant

Less than a week (December 13, note the original date was different, it's special, then this one that is now) remained before the event (court hearing and announcement of the dates of return of money in 2024). Well the denouement earlier, logically. Might as well shake things up beforehand.
Trade closed: target reached:
Failure of the local wedge formation inside the large triangle and price growth above the triangle exit level 5.5347 +24% (35% momentum highs). Now the pullback to this zone. An important moment for further medium term trend development. There is a very important FTX hearing on the 15th.
Trade active
the trend held locally has broken, if it breaks through 3.9-3.6 then sadness. It is worth remembering that the price is now at the moment about 4X of the average price of the set before the pump.

The hearing was on December 13, but the results have not been announced. This hearing was to decide on refund dates for the rest of the victims, except for the Japanese and Europeans, who were refunded over half a year ago. On uncertainty (no news) and lack of information and moved down.

It can be used as a "steam down" disappointment, then the publication of positive news for example (squeeze payoff) and exit by triggering #stopLoss shorts. (now at the expense of long #stopLoss) As a strategic option. It was similar more than once on other phantoms,

But, if the price fixes under the rising trend line and then under the level of 3.9 -3.6 it is obviously not a good sign.

Next hearing is January 25th. Then February 22nd.
30 12 2023
After breaking the bullish trend line, a descending wedge is formed, the price is at its resistance. This is +220% of the average price #accumulation (to sell, you need to make interest in hamsters and traders, give earnings locally). It's worth noting that the largest wallets of this token are still untouched, there are a number of reasons for this and it's not speculation at all.

📊 If you enter instruments on such profit (irrationally), it is obligatory to limit losses with stop Loss or also stop only by reversal to buy on #breakout (if long) of important resistance levels. Set minimum targets, from level to level (a little earlier). Restrain your greed.

📆The twisted dates (hint) are still those. Closer to Jan 6-10 may be #FUD (by ear) dates, can change in a jiffy.
07 01 2024 price is still declining along the descending local trend line (purple). Price has now reached the meridian of the big channel.

Chart from cucoin. Binance exchange (liquidity) provides a manipulated "glued" snippet that does not show the whole essence of trading for more than 1 year. All key levels on the chart.

Breakout of this local downtrend is a local reversal, for example, to the potential to channel resistance.
28 01 2024 clamping locally price 2 weeks in the range of support level 2.44 and resistance 2.856. Pivot zone.

Cryptocurrency is on a substantial +160% gain, but to sell, you need to make interest, i.e. local #volatility. Therefore, wait for the reversal, or if you enter the market in advance (40% down 60% up probability), no matter long or short, use #stopLoss to limit losses. Also in such situations it is rational to put a stop loss to buy in case of a breakdown (but you may catch a false one, you need to understand this).
31 01 2024 break of support of the clamping zone 2.44 . Probably some negative news background invented on not justifying the hopes of the affected FTX. Local downside potential is -30%.

But, remember can under positive tales in a moment turn around. Therefore, working in short use stop loss for 2.44, then reducing.
Trade closed: target reached:
-30% (1.7$) target taken, the price has fallen an order of magnitude lower on negative fud, as much as -42% squeeze to 1.434. The coin will be interesting perhaps in long or set in the spot only when the decline will end and the price will go sideways with a little volatility on the daily time frame.
Local momentum +30% in the local downtrend range. Potential logical price movement is shown with a marker (slippages can be anywhere due to liquidity and the impact of big news on price). Arrows show reversal zones. The green percentages are from the average price of the previous local set before this rise, which has already redistributed. I find it unlikely that a trend reversal is about to occur, but just in case you can put a buy stop behind the trend line for a small amount.

22 02 2024 another deception and dragging the case under the price chart in the bankruptcy case of the FTX exchange. Before the date - rumors, after the date - positive/negative news depending on where the price will be and what effect needs to be created.
Time frame 1 week. This is what the chart of this cryptocurrency looks like over 1.3 years since the FTX exchange scam. Pump/dump channel with 4 pumping over +200%.

As we see if we stick to the logic of the horizontal channel, we are at the support of its meridian (middle). If the ascending channel will be formed further, the minimum (squeeze to 1.434) was almost at its lower zone. As in the previous times of pumping/dumping, a descending wedge is being formed (downward phase after a big pump). As to me it has not finished its formation, the local impulse was in the zone of its formation. There was no breakout (change) of the downtrend yet. Percentage in cases of trend break from the key reversal zones, as the dates showed on the price chart.
The chart is linear for clarity and this channel dump/dump with a step of more than 200% with a part of the chart before the stock exchange scam with a price of 21-26$
22 02 2024 Omnibus Hearings.
26 02 2024 Modified effective date for certain customers.
20 03 2024 Omnibus Hearing.
18 04 2024 Omnibus Hearing
15 05 2024 Omnibus Hearings

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