$FTWS Major Shuttle Service Gains Traction in Austin and Denver

OTC:FTWS   FLITWAYS TECHNOLOGY INC Austin Yellow Cabs The cabs can be booked from the Flit’s website or even from its app which is extremely easy and safe to book. The cabs are readily available for the pick-up process once after the confirmation of the ride from the user. Our company is offering 5 discount on the very first ride for the new registered users. In order to have a pocket-friendly ride the user or the passenger is free to book a cab or even shuttle from a variety of cars and carpool rides. As a matter of fact Flit’s Flit Start cabs are marked with the lowest price of 1.65 per mile and is ideal for the users who prefer low budget traveling. However for the working professionals and corporate Flit’s Flit Class is the best and it offers you 3. 40 per mile of the ride every time you hire it. In order to ease the movement of the citizens of Austin flit has launched the Austin Yellow Cab. These cabs run throughout the city and ensure the easiest mode of transportation for the passengers tourists and even corporate professionals. Additionally for the carpooling system Flit’s Flit Extension is a great option and ideal for the team to make their movements across the city. Flit Extension will charge you with 2.25 per mile. Flit has also launched Austin Super Shuttle for the people of this city. The super shuttle rides are only for

The citizens who want to get picked up from the prime landmarks or locations of the Austin city with the well-known drop off locations. The super shuttle service also covers your rides from the prime location of Austin to the city airport. It is also good for the people who always treat themselves with a good ride. The upfront pricing safe and quick booking experienced drivers and taxis enable with the latest tracking devices are the primary reasons behind the Flit’s successful taxi service business. Austin Taxi serves to be a great alternative to the people who want to avoid the morning crowd of public transportation. Additionally the user’s positive feedback and excellent reviews on numerous consumers reviewing website serve to be a sweet cherry dessert for our business which further motivates other users to book our ride. Our company is continuously making numerous efforts on promoting the cab service business so as to achieve the great height of success with full customer satisfaction factor. Hence the company is adopting the latest and user-friendly technologies to further ease the rides.

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