FVRR- Profit taking time

NYSE:FVRR   Fiverr International Ltd
FVRR has been outperforming many E-commerce stocks since early Sept. While overall E-commerce group is in red since early Sept crash, FVRR has bucked the trend and posted the double digit growth.

I think early signs of waning momentum are clear and it is a good time to scale back on the aggressive momentum strategy and do some profit-taking.


Why take profit now, when it is on an uptrend.....Wait for a pullback before deciding to Sell.
Libratus SlashFractal1
@SlashFractal1, Take profit doesn't mean sell it all. It means you have a discipline and periodically sell certain percentage of your position when you reach your target lvl so you can buy more on the pullback. You aim to sell high and buy low. You are doing the complete opposite when you only sell on the pullback.