FXF _ Swiss Franc _ "base in place"

AMEX:FXF   Invesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
Upside potential still remains to 115 from this 111-107 base pattern. The odds for this trade get much better as you approach the base at 111 for an entry, however, the odds are a roughly 50/50 here as the upside is 2.7 points and the downside is 2.3 points. With all of the problems with European banks, why not have some exposure to the safest banking system in the world by way of the safest currency in the world.
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Good job Tim. I guess we will see a new low soon.
I didn't receive any comments, but FXF hit the 115 target from this pattern. I exited and am looking for a place to re-enter long here as FXF approaches 113.
111.35 at this moment. are you already in trade?