Frax Share (FXS) Gigant Falling Wedge Breaking (880% Mapped)

Frax Share ( FXSBTC ) hit a new All-Time Low recently and is now starting to change course.

Just four days ago we had a 'volume breakout' and we are seeing prices grow above EMA10/EMA21 with bullish indicators.

MACD above zero and the RSI above 50.

This is a strong chart setup and additional grow is possible.

On a trading perspective; we are strongly bullish above EMA10/21 and also above the last low 447 satoshis.

Any trading above this levels and we aim higher.

If prices move and close below 447, we can see more bleeding before the jump.

Right now... We aim higher.

I've mapped over 800% potential on this chart.

This is not financial advice.

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His paid trade is already 10% up. If you aren't signed up to his Telegram, you should consider it!
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@pikajew, Thanks a lot for the support.
Master i was waiting for this one ,
do you think the pullback is done ?
i`ll jump on it
Looks like another two days down, testing the support before going up.
My guess is buy in at ..0545
AlanSantana BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, In a moment of weakness... I saw your comment and sold... No idea as to why... Worst decision ever.
BillMeyer AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Looked valid at that point in time - and the idea of a few extra % before going up is always tempting.
Many times it will retest the support line - just that that point was ..075
But advice... never follow my advice
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BillMeyer AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, I was thinking at the time.. weekend, lower volumes therefore retest. But looking at the chart then the volume came in and it never retested. You might have made the same assumption.
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AlanSantana BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, True. :)
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