Polymath (POLY) MACD Bullish Divergence Signals UP/GREEN!

BINANCE:POLYBTC   Polymath / Bitcoin
Let's have a look at a classic... Bullish divergence .

Here is the MACD , just notice the higher lows from to present time (late June).

Now take a look at POLYBTC:
The bullish divergence is a strong signal and very easy to spot.

We also need other signals to support this one, for example, we also take into consideration the break above EMA10 and EMA21.

The entire market sentiment.
The "V shaped" drop/bottom, RSI above 50, etc.

The more signals you have the better.

Here we can say that POLYBTC is starting to aim higher based on the signals that I just mentioned above...

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Comment: +320%... Patience does pay here...

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