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When trading, doubt can cost you money.

Why does doubt can affect you?
Why can doubt creep in?

The only way for doubt to affect you and create fear that leads to negative action, is if you are ill-prepared.

Without the right preparation, doubt can creep in and bears will tell you it is the end of the world when in reality nothing has changed.

Here is how you defeat doubt when trading, prepare beforehand, that is what I always say.

✔️ If your stop-loss is below $5, looking at Frax Share (FXSUSD) as an example, it doesn't matter what the candles do above this level... Everything that happens can be considered short-term noise.

✔️ If the conditions for your stop-loss becomes active, nothing really, we are grown up, we take the loss and move on.

On the other hand, the market is looking great, that's why we continue aiming higher, waiting patiently because nothing changed.

Build a plan before trading.

Take your time to study and do your research, opportunities are endless in this game.

If one door closes, one hundred million new doors open up.
If you miss one opportunity, tomorrow you will be blessed with a hundred more.

Stay positive, we are due a bullish wave... It goes up and down, up and down... It went down from February through July, it is time for the market to go up.

Regardless of the FUD by the SEC and FED.
This is Cryptocurrency, it is an international asset, it is worldwide... The world is bigger now.

The world is you and me.
The world is all of us.

Let's trade.
See you on the winning side.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Yesterday FXSUSD moved below support, blue line on the chart, and today it is back above it.

Closing above this level would tell us that the consolidation/retrace is over and the bullish move can resume.

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