GALA | Purchase zone 0.027

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I predict a new entry point for the GALA coin. I am waiting for a rollback and placing a limit order in the range specified in the forecast.
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The forecast is on schedule. The correction remains in effect. After a small consolidation, the coin continues to fall. Therefore, we continue to wait for the optimal entry point into this instrument. I put a pending order at 0.027.
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The forecast was fulfilled by 100%. Entry at 0.0271 completed. In the future, I will calculate the profit fixing point. Follow my predictions, they will help you become a profitable trader
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The purchase worked. I trade without leverage.
Active trading on this instrument.
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💹 Based on my analysis, I predict that Gala coin has the potential to grow and reach a level of 0.045. This forecast is based on studying market trends, historical data, and other factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies.

Gala is a project aiming to create a decentralized platform for gaming and entertainment using blockchain technology. They offer unique features and innovative solutions that may attract the attention of investors and users.

However, it is important to note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate significantly. It is crucial to independently research the Gala project, its fundamentals, the development team, and the latest news.

When making investment decisions, it is important to have your own strategy and consider your financial capabilities and risk profile. Consult with financial professionals to obtain personalized recommendations and advice tailored to your goals and circumstances.
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Recently, the GALA coin has reached a support zone at the level of 0.027 and is now in a profitable position.

The rise of the GALA coin to the support level is an encouraging event for traders and investors. Surpassing this level confirms the strength and stability of the coin, indicating potential for further growth.

Based on market trends and careful analysis, I predicted this positive turn for the GALA coin. My forecast aligns with the current price movement.
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My forecast for the GALA coin is still valid. I continue to use my own mathematical model to make predictions. I calculated using my own strategy and methodology that the coin went through consolidation.

Gala went to trade just below the level of $0.27, which means that it has completed a good accumulation and is ready to show growth. If we break through the level of $0.27 and consolidate above, I expect confident growth and a good upward movement.

The first level is $0.45, where I will partially take profits on the purchased coins. I am keeping an eye on the coin and will continue to calculate the levels to fix it higher. Follow my forecasts, I will try to publish my ideas in a timely manner.

Please remember that this forecast is not investment advice and you assume all risk yourself.


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