FX:GBPCAD   British Pound / Canadian Dollar
As you can se price is at a very strong support level as marked out by the orange arrows, so we are expecting a bounce and a rally to the upside.

You see how simple trading can be? So why do schools not teach the tools you need for trading if they really want people to succeed?

That's correct because they want to brainwash you and hide you from making proper money so the government can keep you in line and control you.

You go to work to pay for a lovely house that you are never in because your always at work... just so they have you by the balls and you have to keep working to pay the government there tax's.

People are set up to fail from the 1st day they go school.

Open your eyes people and don't be a brain dead zombie like they want... P.S what do you think the government are putting in your tap water? i would go and do a bit of research if I was you.

Anyway we are long on this trade.... RANT OVER ;p