Dont be a D#@k... its DUCK honestly ;p

FX:GBPCAD   British Pound / Canadian Dollar
Here we have some really strong support and resistance levels drawn on the chart ( green lines ) They are classed as strong because price touched them and then bounce a number of times ( I will let you figure these out for yourselves... I'm not spoon feeding you ) ;p

You can also see a lovely trend line TL that has been touched more than once, so this is also classed as strong.

Now because these levels an TL are strong a break of any of these could see a big move, again you can see all this on the charts.

When price is these key levels in NO MANS LAND we tend not to take a trade, we will wait for price to retest these levels and wait for a break or a bounce before jumping in a trade. I keep saying it and I will keep saying it until you get p#@sed off with me...... but patients is key!!!!!!!

Get the larger timeframe charts up ( we like to use 1 day and 4H charts ) and zoom all the way out... this will make spotting these levels so much easier.

So don't be a D@#k and practise this... it will make you a more profitable trader.

I hope this has helped you.