AMEX:GBR   New Concept Energy, Inc
Unfortuently I wasn’t able to make a post here on this. I don’t know if is to late or just the begining. This stock has ran to 35$. I see 2 critical areas of resiatnce 8.88 and 10.25. Above that is really no resiatnce. According to the ichumochi cloud we jumped a lot of resiatnce. Yes more of a pump and dump but there are some excellent weekly signs here I did enter today at 6$ wirh a big postion. I took half off the table mid 8$ range while I’ll let the rest ride here and add if it comes back. 6.15 and 730 are 2 large areas for me if we came back that low I’d be adding to my long figured I’d thou this out here. Although it ran a lot today might still be a lot left in her if ypu can get a great postion ! . Should be able to test that 35$ area I feel at some point