july 28=witch way gold will go

COMEX:GC1!   Gold Futures
i monitor gold from 2010 , it love 3 angel pattern breakup ,agree
as we predict 2 week ago , effect of US10Y yield even dollar index going ease ,if you see yield and dxy and gold go up ,dont hang ,we see this before, gold is indipandant instrument so dont monitor yield, dxy
for inter buy,sell ,,,, instead dont forget gold love TRENDLINES break ,then too much move

our calculation show 80% gold will see 1760!!!!!! then will fly up to go to 1850 (fibo 61%) then 1920(2018 high) then 1960(powerful support)

ALERT= trend line in down ( gold fut ) give buylimit in 1740 but on gold CFD ( xauusd ) show 1770 , put buylimit at 1765 on GC , gold futures with sl=1728
advice=100% keep monitor AC ( Bill williams accelator occilator that show stoch 7.4.4 power and side) or stoch simple 7.4.4 in daily and 1 hour chart (3 month only monitor it,zoom on its manner and secrets ,dont pick trade on real )

research about AC on google 10 day

secret=AC on gold is important on 1440-60min ,,,, but in index like dax ( FDAX1! ) is important in 30-240 min
90% of pro big money day traders in banks use it for find next trend

save on your mind 2= after your buylimit open in down 1760, dont close it soon ,hold it 20-30 day to 1920 or 1960

save on your mind 2= after gold pull back from 1760 in go up dont inter sell ,dont pick sell signals , gold can go up wild ,you cant close sell , pick any sell under 1920 is very very dangrous =margincall

good luck


Thanks for the info. What do you think about Gold after todays performance?
@Love4atl, gold 99% go up ... gold always love up move,up trend ,, you will see 1850 soon
Love4atl ramin_trader2006
@ramin_trader2006, ok great! Thank you! What price would be a great entry point?
@Love4atl, near 1808
Love4atl ramin_trader2006
@ramin_trader2006, perfect, thank you! And thank you for the great ideas you post.