Gold just keeps on going!

COMEX:GC1!   Gold Futures
This trade has been even better than my 1st targets show. I did not exit this trade still yet. I may though soon as we may be at a top and this trade has made so much money for me. Gold has been very good to me this year. Here is my initial trades ideas I posted too and links below.

initial idea:

change of plan of the idea:

and revalidation of original idea:

This shows that a plan can be altered as condition change, and in the end still end up valid.

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<3 Miss Bunny
Trade closed manually: trade exited at 1804


Good job girl!
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Good job!!!
Till 16 July the gold will be 1850$-1860$. Now is in consolidation at 1800&.Tthe gold is in bullish channel and it will be the next 3-4 year.
I thing the gold mining company are interesting - Recommend (HMY)? What you think? :-)