High Probable 15M Supply Zone SHORT for the HOUSE to CAPITALIZE

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COMEX:GC1!   Gold Futures

"Believe me, the reward is not so gr8 without the struggle." -Wilma Rudolph

Good Afternoon HOUSE, I hope we all are in gr8 spirits ready to start the week...

As we all know Price has been Bullish on GOLD....Breaking NEW RECORD HIGH'S...

Now that the Market has left us a beautiful 30/15m Supply Zone can we SHORT this level and push the market LOWER...?

On the Daily TF we have a HUGE Rejection Candle which could indicate the Sellers may be ready to start participating and push for lower pricing... HTF is always KING!!! imo

Remember to Manage your portfolio as Professionals w/ a proven edge/system w/ NO EMOTION!! This will take us to an abundant lifestyle w/ low hanging fruit!

My Job is to Manage the Downside costs of Printing HIGHSIDE returns of $$$ Consistently...
#BHM500K #NewERA #Champions
I have placed my Limit!
We got the TAG...Now lets sit back & MANAGE our portfolio as Professionals w/ NO EMOTION!!! #BHM500K #NewERA #Champions
Trade active:
Trade active:
Still Managing Unrealized Profit Currently....As Price has broken underneath the 4Hr EQ Level...Let's get this big DROP!!! #BHM500K #NewERA
Here we have a beautiful rejection candle on the 4HR TF at the 4HR EQ Level... We all know HTF IS KING>>>> SO being that the 4Hr is becoming more n more bearish we are trading in favor of the market currently.... IMO! Let's continue to Manage Professionally... #500K
Trade active:
Still holding & Managing...Lets stay focused and on point!! #BHM500K #NewERA
Trade active:
We are still trading inside of this 15m Supply Zone in which Sellers are doing there best to defend... I do believe we will develop the stronger hand and price will drop lower... Let's see what happens... Stay Focused!! #500K
Trade active:
We have officially received the ALERT to move the trade to Breakeven!!! Lets stay focused!! #BHM500K #NewERA
BIG DRROOOOPPPP & Trailed my STOP!!! Stay focused... #500K
Trade active:
Beautiful 1Hr Rejection candle on the 1Hr TF to retest the 4Hr EQ level and got rejected with 2 strong bear candles to the downside....Lets continue to Hold and Manage...#BHM500K #NewERA


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