NYSE:GE   General Electric Company
No matter how street worry about GE , 12.82 is the bottom line for this stock.

This is a plan for trading GE stock. Long position enter is at 13.62. The current may touch 14.04, but it may back soon, because the price is going to touch MA 200( red line) to teat if it is resistant. If it really break and up 14. 01 , you also can see the RSI shows over buy. Therefore you need to wait until price back to 13.62, and that is a perfect entrance for this plan.

What if price go down. You need to terminate or stop loss if price go down under 13.62. then you can take a short to 12.82 to cover the loss.

If you believe that is not big deal if price go down to 12.82. you can keep it until the price go under 12.82. Because if price go under 12.82, it will continue to 8 dollars.

Personally, based on recent move, i believe that GE is good to have for a long term investment.

p.s: fouce on the dividend of this stock. That is the only reason of negative new for this stock.