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This week, I offer my analysis of the movements of $GER30 during the week and my outlook for next week.
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First, some warnings:
Please remember that you can have losses while trading.
Thus, always trade with a trading plan.
I wanted to share this link with you:
It is a very interesting article. Moreover, you have also a complete free trading academy on this website in order to help you in managing your risk if you are interested in it.

So, what happens last week?
This week was a calm week until Friday…
In fact, from Monday until Wednesday, investors were turned towards the FED decision.
But as it doesn’t really impact the $GER30 market at the moment, most of the investors wait for the 4 witches day (Friday) before changing their positions.
With FED decisions, it is always necessary to let some time to the market to analyse and adapt the scenario and the associated portfolio.

This week, I took a lot of profit on Friday on $GER30. I keep on position in case of an important news and I am waiting for the new wave in order to take new selling positions.

My perspective for the end of next week, I think $GER30 will close next week around 15550:
- 0.01%: $GER30 rises over the red line;
- 30%: $GER30 finishes the week between the red line and 15550;
- 40%: $GER30 reaches back in the range 15412 - 15550;
- 30%: $GER30 falls under 15412 and stay under it;

What to follow next week?
Globally (still the same):
- Indian variant is spreading all around Europe;
- Inflation: the rise of petrol ($OIL to follow accurately) and other raw material;
- The US 10 years interest rates (which could also have an impact on $NSDQ100);
- The transaction volumes.
Day by day :
- Monday: ECB Christine Lagarde Speech;
- Tuesday: Fed Chair Powell Testifies
- Wednesday (big day): Manufacturing PMI (Germany, Eurozone & UK), US Crude Oil ;
- Thursday: ECB Economic Bulletin, German Ifo Business Climate, US Initial Jobless Claims, FED Bank Stress Test
- Friday : Calm

I wish you a good trading week,

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