GILT - the move just started (IMO)

NASDAQ:GILT   Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd
GILT broke above both the 2 year resistence @ 10.75 and the 19 year(!) resistence @ 11.30 on 25 January on strong volume . It has since been consolidating in a bull pennant above the 19 year resistence (turned support) @ 11.30.

Good time to stake for those who is prepared to have a wide initial stop loss (below 11.0). Let's see if this potential home-run trade pans out!

p/s please position size accordingly as penny stocks tend to be very volatile (and no guaranteed that trade would work out).

Disclaimer: This is just my own analysis and opinion for discussion and is not a trade advice. Kindly do your own due diligence and trade according to your own risk tolerance. Thank you. Feel free to give me your thoughts ! :)