16/12/2020 GKENT - Cup is formed, next is handle?

If the price break the Channel 1, there is high possibility that Cup and handle pattern is in the making.
C&H Confirmation is when the price break the Neckline 1.

Entry point 1 is after daily candle close above the channel. TP1 is before neckline 1.
Entry point 2 is after daily candle close above the Neckline 1.

1. This theory is invalid if the daily price close below 0.70.
2. It might be a good idea to set alert on the downtrendline so you don't have to monitor this counter everyday
3. Considering economy is in recovery trend, it will drive construction sector to go higher and benefit Gkent.
4. Gkent is considered one of political related company. Be careful and happy trading!