NYSE:GKOS   Glaukos Corporation
Hey guys, GLAUKOS CORPORATION is in a truly historic moment we can witness a new high in its history. It's in a bullish push with a hammer candle and a strong sell volume issued. The TIMEFRAME M1 shows an upside down hammer candle with a large buy volume executed which bounced off the high of the bollinger . GLAUKOS COPORATION is heading towards its last previous low point which is between the bollinger low and the VWAP . Then after swallowing, go and check the different levels of the bolinger, before interfering on the top of the equilibrium zone to test it.
Strong possibility of breaking the price with the return of momentum and then the zone to fit into the one above and make a new higher. With a test from the top of the equilibrium zone then after the top of the bullish channel by counting the symbolic price of 98.00.
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