Gold: end of corrective move?

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Hi Guys,

after all the following we did we are now close to what AhmedSar presented in his post as the end of wave 4 at 1197.

Will it fall short or will it go behond that level?

Important to note that in his scenario the end of wave 4 do not breakout the upper line of the downward channel .

What happen if it does breakout?

Well...I have no idea yet...we crossed the 1200 on Monday with a strong move and we are now crossing it again?

Uhmmm...I don't know...but please remember that tomorrow CPI datas, next week the FMOC minute and 6th Nov US Mid Term Election.

Thank you for your attention, and please share your views and comments. Any idea is a contribution for a better understanding of The Matrix.

Good Night!

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Comment: I found this which may be of help to understand Gold's moves...