BATS:GOOG   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class C
Target & Google

These two stocks have mirrored each other for 7 years so far with just a few instances where GOOG outperformed and then corrected sharply back down to TGT .

This time, I'll imagine that TGT can ramp up to catch UP to GOOG .

Therefore, buy TGT and sell short GOOG each day for the next 5 days. Build the position slowly as GOOG has strong price momentum.


Tim Feb 1, 2013 2:50PM EST
TGT 61.20 +0.79
GOOG 772.26 +16.57
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So far, TGT is up over 2% and GOOG is up less, giving this trade a slight profit so far. This is only 0.5% profit over 10 days, which is roughly 1/25th of a trading year or 12.5% annualized type of return. Not bad for taking less than normal "market risk". The average closing price for 5 days after the recommendation (suggested entry technique) will follow.