Google - A good investment

NASDAQ:GOOGL   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class A
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Looking at the weekly chart first, I see reason to be extremely bullish , and I've been having this bias for a few weeks. There is a corrective double bottom , a consolidation that should push the price of this stock to all time highs. Last week's candle is the most interesting one on the chart ; it's a massive rejection of the bottom formed at 500. The impulse is already green!

Going to the daily chart , I outlined where and when I have bought. It was a bit late to jump in there, but considering that I am approaching this trade as an investment for the longer term, it is acceptable. Friday's close confirmed all my bullishness. The impulse is green, and I am ready to buy some more!

I will attach a link with a trade that I made months ago on Amazon. It is very similar to this one.