Approaching My Deadline. 93% Gain! (GPRO)

Hey everyone I hope you're all doing well and ready to win big this week!!! 😁🥇

We have closed a lot of our positions that we took back in early April.
We've had a lot of magnificent runs for serious profits on a good amount of pennystocks.

My current pennystock positions that I have left is GoPro and New Gold Inc.

I am about to begin a new series of buys and hunt out some new pennystock positions to buy as we close put these positions to rotate our capital.

Gopro has been running very well and strong with a lot of green. We are getting closer to that $5 channel Resistance and I'm considering taking my 90%+ in gains on gpro .

We will look for the next break low in smaller timeframes support for an exit of our position as we track it this week.

If this channel holds than we could see a strong retracement.

I will update on this post for the exit and take profit zone.

Best of luck to you all, have an awesome week!!!


Comment: this is the channel that I'm referring to. Level of Resistance being approached