GRT Primed for a big run!!?

The graph has been under performing recently even though i still remain long term bullish on this great project, we could be ready for a big run coming soon if we can take out a couple key levels. First being the first pivot point we directly are on as of right now, it would be very ideal for GRT to jump above and secure this level for our daily close, next will be the previous pivot point which is above and to the left of our first one, i think we will continue to face resistance here so getting above on the first attempt may not happen, the most ideal level we need to get above before we can really say we are in an uptrend again is the 0.2 FIB level, we haven't been above this level since late May. Looking at the bollinger bands we actually are looking bullish , price action is starting to cling onto the top band which as you guys know can induce a very nice big run to the upside, if i had to guess on where we could land if this plays out, i would say atleast the first level of resistance (R1). Looking at the MACD we are in bull territory but we need to keep pushing upwards to see our blue MA keep separating away from the orange or we risk having a bearish cross, our histogram seems to be really flattening out with our green bars staying the same or getting less, so looking at that i think we might be in for a bearish cross soon but there is a chance we could get a bounce aswell, definitely need to see some momentum and volume for GRT if we are going to keep pushing up. Not financial advice just my opinion!