GVT/BTC is Showing Bull Signs 1,000% + ROI Members Only Trade

BINANCE:GVTBTC   Genesis Vision / Bitcoin
Hello, Trading View,

This is kind of what you want to see on a long trade. Even when BTC /USD is going up this coin goes up with it. And when BTC /USD is going down, this coin goes up even higher.

In-fact the design of the GVT platform is very appealing to investors because it offers an opportunity to guys like me. Who actually enjoy reading charts on the weekend. This coin is something that guys like you, who follow our work and want to profit with us will need to invest.

Once you have a token like this, you combine it with a token in my name and you can watch your money grow. Guys like me will do all the work. While you just sit back, relax, and profit.

Sense the GVT and covesting platforms competitors are not open for business yet. You can conclude that once the project is complete. The demand for this coin will sky rocket because of the rule of supply + demand = price. That's what you do, you move towards the money, the money that guys like me bring you. With this coin, we both have access to more money. I personally have bought 25 of them. Because I know people are going to need them. To profit off my work.

So you might want to save some of these coins because there is only about 5,000,000. And this is a fixed supply token so rise in demand is what will create a higher price. This is where the money is at. A currently low prices coin, with a huge demand on the horizon. And a fixed, low supply with a great marketing strategy offering an unlimited income opportunity to it's holders.

I say quote from there FAQ section on there web site, how these tokens have been distributed. And it looks like 16% of them are frozen, thus are unavailable for purchase. Further increasing the price of this coin.

Quoted from genesis visions web site:
The total amount of GVT tokens: 4,436,643. GVT token address: 0x103c3A209da59d3E7C4A89307e66521e081CFDF0
During the tokens sale, 3,327,482 GVT were sold.
11% of total tokens (488030) are reserved for the team and frozen for one year at 0xad41cd44884f0fa1968297743152bc9f572f1edb
5% of total tokens (221832) are reserved for the Genesis Vision Fund at 0x193ba8fc72193f3cce8423786f451bbd755de312. These tokens will be unfrozen after the Genesis Vision platform release and will be used to attract and stimulate activities of successful managers.
33274 GVT were distributed via the Bounty Program, but that hasn’t actually affected the token price.

The road map reveals that there will also be FOREX and Stock copy trading options with this coin. Starting in Q1 2019. I personally trade both as well, so it increases the demand for the FOREX traders. That project will also be included in the years to come. As carefully outlined on there road map.

They also have a stock copy trading platform option coming in Q2 2019 which will also further the demand for this token.
Then last but not least we have the main stream banks integration in this platform in Q2 2020.

IMO buying in quite low, or half way down the ATR to ensure the best ROI is the best option(the green box) at the stronger lower support line. Sense this is an uptrend. The top support line is usually quite weak. So buying in when it is where it is at today is in my opinion not the best time to buy if you want to be apart of this rare opportunity.

IMO once the price action has bounced off the lower support line, is where you can safely buy-in as carefully highlighted in the green box. IMO the stoploss should be set 3% - 5% below the trend line .


Buy-in: 0.0027222
Target 1: 0.0029720
Target 2: 0.0032719
Target 3: 0.0036800


Start where you are. Use what you can. Do what you can.
- Arthur Ashe

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