HBAR 7:1 Long Swing Trade @ Below Accumulation Prices

BINANCE:HBARUSD   Hedera Hashgraph
A few of my thoughts about Hedera Hashgraph and its near term price action are charted here, which I hope you will challenge with tough questions. After all, these ideas of mine are meant to arouse the reverse-engineers and to provoke the thinkers to do what they do best. As always, I strive to render them so obviously as to require no words.

Nevertheless, HBAR has been at these attractive prices (+/- $ 0.50) for an eerily long time, considering the rally that has taken place this year for Bitcoin and several of the other "usual suspects" that lack utility and/or user-facing marketing campaigns. Currently, the 7:1 Long trade is merely one of many setups that are coming into focus as the ongoing accumulation phase comes to an end.

Although my trading strategy is built on innate Pattern Recognition and a hard-won sympathy for the Market Maker’s Business Model, my tactics - including the beauty of Tradingview and how it makes me look good - are based on identifying the opportunities within VOLUME, VOLATILITY and TREND EXHAUSTION.

As always, it must be noted that harmonic patterns are NOT confirmed until the D-point prints, ergo trading the CD leg is especially risky, and requires real-world context not available on the naked chart ... ergo DYOR.

In this case, the Median line of a Pitchfork generated by the completed bullish reversal pattern (Green M) also marks the A-point of the currently forming bearish reversal pattern (Red W). Furthermore, the 2.718 Fibonacci extension of that pitchfork implies a time estimate for completion of the current pattern.

Keen observers will note that the Long trade idea on display does NOT extend as far as the D-point, but instead has its profit target the 2nd Standard Deviation of the VWAP generated by the A-point, where price may be expected to roll over.

I intend to publish a more comprehensive video surveying the current swing trade setups and medium term opportunities in crypto projects, although it must be admitted that there aren't many. First, though, I have a few more ideas to upload as I update other key charts for the final Quarter of 2023.

Until then, be liquid !!!

Adrian Dyer,
Chief Strategist and Impresario at The Leading Indicator