BINANCE:HBARUSD   Hedera Hashgraph / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Company Name: Hedera Hashgraph, LLC
Industry: Crypto Currency | Blockchain

Position Proposed: BUY

Technical Analysis

1. Large Flag Pattern (Breakout Incoming)
2. Fibonacci Retracement at 0.618 (Golden Zone)
3. 1st Take Profit will be at Fibonacci Expansion Safe Take Profit and Flagpole Length

Entry: NOW READY (0.18 - 0.30)
1st Partial Take Profit: 0.63 (June - August 2021)
2nd Take Profit: 0.92 (October - December 2021)

Please note that the Market could fall to 0.18 but it's currently sitting on a pivot point of a new potential support level hence more likely to launch up!