NASDAQ:HEPA   Hepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Using the golden ratio as a price target, and previous magnitudes, HEPA looks primed for a run up to the $8.95-$9.93 range by EOY. The top line of the broadening formation will likely cause resistance and a chance for a nice pullback opportunity. The volume of this stock has dried up as the short volume has. Positive data has caused massive dorking of the stock price. Also, the lockout period for the warrants exercisable at $2.50 expires this Sunday. This stock was likely held down during the lockout period in order accumulate shares and shake retail investors out, hence the run ups and quick dorks down. It is currently trading at cash value (corporate presentation indicated 115.4m cash as of 3/31/21 and current market cap is 113.56M). Further, the Chief Medical Officer of HEPA, Dr. Hobbs, came over from Norvo Nordisk, a 183.63b company as of this write up, after 16 year there where he was North American Chief Medical Officer and Vice President. Normally, such a move requires a non-compete clause, but Dr. Hobbs transitioned immediately which could indicate there is a collaboration in the works - though that's entirely speculative at this point.

The drug CRV431 and the AI Power platform have both shown unmatched early positive results in a field in which there is a giant void to be filled: NASH. There are currently no drugs on the market for NASH, and CRV431 is already proving to be extremely positive in what little results we've been allowed to see.

There has been virtually radio silence from the company when it comes to the positive results thus far, which is another oddity similar to Dr. Hobbs. Normally, a company would be screaming from the rooftops how great its results are in order to attract more investors to raise additional capital. Not so here. Again this is all speculative, but it could indicate, along with the suppression of stock price and lockout period, that the price was suppressed in order to accumulate shares before revealing information that would skyrocket the price, and after the lockout period expiration.

Technicals looks good, the company has solid leadership, and their products have shown unparalleled results thus far. It's trading at 52 week lows with seller fatigue completely set in with volume dried up. This is great entry point with tremendous upside potential.

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