HEXO DD - The Next Big Cannabis Stock

Merger Closes Q3 2021
Shareholders Proposal in August 2021

HEXO Acquires Redecan.

“Redecan’s unwavering focus on the consumer, along with lean operating principles and highly efficient automated manufacturing technology, have allowed us to establish a significant presence in the Canadian market,” said Redecan co-founder Will Montour. “We’ve now entered a phase where scale is key, and our complementary consumer bases, brand portfolios and distribution relationships can enhance financial performance.”

Redecan brings leading manufacturing, automation and packaging capabilities, resulting in some of the most consistent, efficiently produced and innovative products in the industry. Its highly efficient proprietary pre-roll technology has supported some of the highest product gross margins in the industry.

Redecan’s differentiated product portfolio includes top selling oils and capsules, and
leadership in the pre-roll category.

Key is Redecans best in class pre-roll automation of the Redees brand.

Redees are the Hottest selling preroll in the Ontario Cannabis Store and always out of stock at the local cannabis stores.

Redecan Failed Acquisition.
Alta Vista was to acquire Redecan for 9.5 million in 2015 (before preroll advancements)

Redecan had Previous Acquisition partners in the past including Alta Vista Ventures

And this tiny cannabis company caught the eye of Bloomberg back in Feb

How Redecan quietly became one of Canada's biggest pot companies

* Found by Rick Redekop
* one of the biggest cannabis producers in Canada
* doesn't really have a full-time CEO
* Brother Peter runs production side as well as members of the Hill family, who are behind the Grand River Enterprises tobacco empire, joined Redecan's ownership group. 
* Grand River is privately owned cigarette manufacturer empire
* Redecan has no plans to tap public markets, despite getting frequent calls to do so

"If you asked me two years ago, having this unlimited bankroll that some of these other companies had, I would have said, 'Yeah, we would [have gone public.' It would have been nice to have a little bit more money to throw around,” he said. “But I think having that big wallet kind of backfired on a lot of people."

It’s important to understand Redecans history of finding the right deal. If Redecan doesn’t think the merger will work, I would expect a sharp turnaround in HEXO .

Prior Pot Stock Merger

TLRY ran up 172% over the next 30 days to its current support level after the announcement of a merger with Aphria.
TLRY ran another 238% over 26 days during Jan and Feb Gamestop meme stock rally.

Market Cap: 7.5B
Shares 450M
P/S 14.10

Market Cap: 875M
Shares: 122M
P/S 9.12

If Hexo can enter the US / EU markets It’s reasonable to speculate that HEXO can run to share price of of 16.50 (150% gains) over next 30 days similar to the 170% 30 day run Tilray and Aphria Merger.

PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! I’m NEW to charting, research, analysis and all aspects of the stock market and equities. These are only my random ideas to learn how to prepare my own long term investments through due diligence.