Quick HOT:BNB analysis

BINANCE:HOTBNB   Holo / Binance Coin
Here's a quick HOT:BNB analysis that I've done for a subscriber to one of my script.
Publishing this just to put it out there.

CYBER ENSEMBLE seem to have good confluence on the 4hrly.

Red/Green = PRISM Signals (Free to use for now -- momentum/acceleration based signals)
Blue/Orange = Cyber Ensemble (Technical Signals)

Its stuck below 21 EMA on the daily since 7Jan20.
Note: Historial candles too short to use PRISM Oscillators (as well as the PRISM Signals) on the daily chart .
Comment: Longer-term period (2mths) bullish MACRS divergence formed.
Comment: Another level of confirmation (PRISM Oscs Set on 12hrly):
Acceleration/Jerk-Ribbon and Snap-Osc still looking bearish atm, so probably further downside first in the short to mid-term, before a likely bullish reversal incoming ahead into the longer term.
Comment: Crazy low timeframe look:

The position wrt to the red 21 EMA appears to be a good indicator and dynamic support/resistance level to use as well.

You are still fighting an overall steep downward trend though, so the pumps might not be big enough for longs to even be profitable.

5mins still work ok for CyEsm:


3mins chart is difficult to trade when the chart starts to look like this, most TA will not work well IMO -- have to use other low-timeframe trading strategies.

Cyber Ensemble appears to still be somewhat working surprisingly ok-ish for this chart.


1 min chart (I'm actually surprised its still working down at this low timeframe!)>

Comment: Sorry, somehow the chart for the 3mins is moved to the bottom and there's no way to edit and fix it on TV.
Comment: ..a few false positives though (at these lower timeframes down to the 1min) during less volatile periods that needs to be weeded out. Could perhaps use a volatility filter to not trade when volatility drops too low, etc. if you are setting it up for a bot
Comment: Note: I used "you" here as the above are just lazily cut-and-pasted suggestions that I am PMing to my script subscriber. :)

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