Chocolate makes you happy?

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BATS:HSY   The Hershey Company
Why not have both ? Eat the chocolate and make the profits , haha?
Wait for it or nibble some when it breaches the resistance at 193.53 or wait for it to fall further to the support level at 174.58.....

Christmas is coming ......what other better gifts than chocolate, the old tradition?
Be patient, let the price comes to you at around 174 level
hmm, it is coming to a price near you.....
OK, now I am ready to add more
The problem with investing for long haul is PATIENCE and in a fast changing world where information is updated so fast that just catching up to read it , digest and make sense of it before taking any concrete action is STRESSFUL. So many prefer to take short cut and choose/follow their "gurus", leaders , charismatic who post high returns and flashing their latest sports car to back up. When enough people starts to believe it, some of these imposters begin to believe in themselves as well, afterall the community is shaping his/her image and they got to live up to it, right ? Remember, your money is your money, be cautious with it, You can be lucky some times but not all the times. When greed takes over, that can spell trouble and catastrophic........
added more
Do not get too fixated with support and resistance level. It is merely a guide and not a MUST for the price action to fall to these level before the next course of action. Here, we see the price action settles closer to 181 and it rebounded. Had you insisted to wait till price falls to 174 and it never comes as in this case, then you would have missed a good opportunity to accumulate or go LONG.

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