✴️ Hathor Full Analysis With Mid-Term Targets (860% Potential)

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KUCOIN:HTRUSDT   Hathor / Tether
You know we like to buy lower, at literal bottom prices or at the least very close to support but once the action starts, once the market is moving there is no option left but to buy higher, higher risk... It is inevitable. The truly nice part or I should say great, is that the market offers endless opportunities, truly. At one point the opportunity is to get bottom prices, it lasts for 3-6 months at a stretch. Then we have the chance to find different setups for short- and mid-term gains. Finally, when everything is looking just too good, excitement and euphoria all across, we can start thinking about taking some SHORTS.

You know I am deeply grateful for your amazing and continued support. I don't know if it shows through my writing, but here is another analysis for a good looking chart.

The Altcoin project is Hathor, the trading pair HTRUSDT.
We are going to be looking at it long-term or weekly.
Long-term because we have the full-chart on display.

➖ There is a low in December 2022.
➖ A lower low in October 2023.

The lower low ended as a Doji with a long lower wick, which works as a reversal signal in and of itself. The fact that we have three green candles/sessions after this Doji works as bullish confirmation. We can say the bottom is in.

The main "major down-wave" is very steep.
The "initial bounce" is not as steep as the main down-wave. So even though it ended in a lower low we know the bears lost strength. This is additional data in support of a new bullish trend.

➖ The RSI is super strong.

👉 The medium-term target is set around 0.71067 (860%+), which is the same price level hit around March/April 2022. The final target can be a bit higher as in the 4.618 Fib. extension level on the chart (1,100%+) but we always pick levels a little below target just to make sure any sell order fills completely.

👉 Still medium-term, 360% to 610% (Between 0.33751 and 0.52409).
👉 Short-term, it should be easy to hit around 0.15093 for 105% from current price.

We consider short-term to be within 1 month.
These are only estimations, projections based on market data, it can end up being right just as it can be completely wrong.

I hope you enjoy the analysis... Thank you again for your continued support.

This will be a big one in this early 2024.
One to give a closer look.

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