Will Hydro starts the journey we are all expecting?
Knowing big events are coming up like HYDRO PAY update (gasless and feeless ERC20 sending app), HYDRO X (remittance app), HYDRO VAULT, HYDRO Dapp Store.
Knowing big partnerships are going to be announced very soon.

What do you think?
Trade active: Marcco from hydro team said 5 min ago:
A new Hydro Pay release coming next week guys... will allow for auto top ups from within the app. Hydro X features have begun being integrated into the Hydro Pay app as well which will allow you to buy Hydro with fiat or send remittances from within the app. Also, the bizdev team is working on closing our next top 20 exchange listing. We had to submit some documentation to a local exchange lawyer and are just waiting on that to be approved. A Hydro dApp Store update will be coming next week as internal beta testing continues this week. Hydro Vault has a great new Product Manager onboard so expect an update on that next week as well. You won't want to store your crypto anywhere else.