AMEX:IBIO   iBio, Inc
IBIO = UPDATE of one of my biggest trades of 2020 .... let's say that at 1.5 $ I bought 10000 pieces ... let's see if the repetition is the move and the momentum that can at least bring us shortly to $ 3 ... if by chance he exceeded the $ 3 momentum on the news .. there are $ 7 already made last year .... Then ... then there is an incredible leap .... LET'S SEE ... if mine 95% gain average is maintained .. Good trading at all.

I do not invite you to invest in my ideas ... but if you believe that they have allowed you to make money, I ask for a demonstration of trust through your donation (I publicly thank all those who have done so) .... I recommend investing little to have a lot and not the opposite ... THE MARKET MUST BE RESPECTED.


"I recommend investing little to have a lot and not the opposite" -- Great advice
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Are you still seeing an upside to 3$ in this one?
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Have a similar view on this
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hey Mauretto, I been following you for a while. I really like this post of you ... you always have a good analysis .. very firm and accurate... I am new to investing. I want to buy this stock. what do you think when the momentum will come.:) I know there is nothing for sure you can say. I am just asking for your idea.... should we buy and hold it....

thanks for your advise . cheers :) respect
mauretto432 Leonardotheopen
@Leonardotheopen, I think you are Italian from the name. anyway ... my ideas, never born by chance, are the result of graphic study, cash flow and above all research ... I know that there are very silent people who follow me and that thanks to my ideas, they have been grateful with donations ... I do this because I want to help to help us at a time when ... the markets are giving for the stocks I present strong responses of awakening after years of depressions ... IBio AiM and RGLS are today the best as an approach of change of pace and long flow ..
Leonardotheopen mauretto432
@mauretto432, Hey, Yeah that correct, my father gave me this name. I will love to have dinner one time with you when I will visit Italy :) Thanks for your nice text. I appreciate that, and when you say AIM you mean ( AIM IMMUNOTECH INC). Is there any other stocks you have in your mind, as i said i am very new to this.
Great charting! Im thinking $2 june options are looking very profitable.