NASDAQ:INTC   Intel Corporation
Looking at the weekly chart.
the climb has been 161.80% from the bottom @ 42.36. Secondly the climb is 88.6% to the top of 57.67. The move up has a 5 wave structure with Y to Z move throwing a divergences in the indicators.
Daily Chart .
as above 5 wave move, 88.60%fib retracement.
Hourly Chart
Hourly chart shows 3 wave move down which could be all the correction and we are on the next move up. The keen observation says the move down were sharp and the current move up is slow and lazy. So I am on the bearsh side. The move up has divergence and expecting sharp move down.
I am short 300 shares at 54.80, was bit too early but will hold on to it and may add higher with risk management. Bigger structure clearly indicates coming of correction. y on the daily chart is extended.
Target 51.80
Stoploss 57