IOST/BTC Is Showing Short Trade Opportunity 500% + ROI

Hello, Trading View,

This is a new project in asia that has gained allot of momentum. It made it on binance. But unfortunately it is another dap platform coin which only has a hand full of daps on it. so the demand will remain low for the time being. In order to get a dap platform coin up to where ethereum is at. It could take 10 years +.

Sense this coin is starting to look like another Tron coin all over again. I would say trade short until they at-least finish a few daps on it. Sense it is still relatively new it looks like nobody knows what it is yet. So the demand is going to go down for quite some time.

As you can see January 1 is when the coin came out. so we don't have allot of information on this coin to base our TA on. IMO You can buy in any time and trade short pretty safely for quite some time.


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On point.