IOSTUSDT Drop before Retesting ATH

BINANCE:IOSTUSDT possible drop to Suupport levels 0.04-0.055 Before it can restest the all time high.
The trend is still Heading UP, no marks of breaking the trend have shown until this moment. No technical signs indicating any former disrespect from the price towards the trend.
The trade infos>>>>>
Entry point: 0.04-0.055 .... dividing Entry on different prices is preferable to make a lower average entry price and maximize profits.
If the price doesn't fall to 0.055 at least on 28 April Consider the trade canceled and move on.
The only target is Near the last ATH: T = 0.083
Profit from 0.04 Entry to target = 95%
Expected average time to Reach target: 1 Month Average.
Trade active: First Buy: at 0.5
Entry Percentage: 5%
Available Remaining Percentage ( % ): 5%
Trade active: Second buy: at 0.4
Entry Percentage: 5%
Available Remaining Percentage ( % ): 0%
entered With Full percentage ( 10% )... Now waiting for target Reach.