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iotex breakout downtrend channel in dayli timeframe
IoTeX's W3bstream has integrated with the Solana Foundation chain.

What does this mean for the #IoTeX and #Solana ecosystems?

IoTeX is on a mission to bridge the real world with Web3, enabling innovators to create impactful decentralized applications.

W3bstream is an off-chain compute infra using zero-knowledge proofs and a zkVM to deliver verifiable results.

It has solidified IoTeX as a leader of the #DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) sector, where the physical and crypto worlds converge, using token incentives to build and maintain community-contributed infrastructure.

To achieve our vision, broad interoperability is crucial.

That's why the integration of Solana with W3bstream is a huge step.

It empowers DePIN founders building on Solana to leverage W3bstream's capabilities as a middleware layer for the DePIN space.

Solana's vibrant developer ecosystem, with nearly 20,000 monthly active developers, is an exciting space for DePIN to grow.

With W3bstream, Solana developers can connect their dApps to real-world data, opening up endless possibilities in areas like fitness, green energy, and 5G wireless.

DePIN projects on Solana like Helium, Render Token and Hivemapper can now use, offering real-time, deep insights.

DePINscan provides Solana DePINs with an out-of-the-box custom dashboard tool that scales with their dApp, offering data-driven insights for their team, investors, and community.

With the addition of Solana, developers now have access to W3bstream Studio, a comprehensive platform for managing real-world applications and their data.

Our commitment to interoperability is driven by our mission to bring DePIN to the masses – the list of live integrations includes Polygon Labs, The Arbitrum Foundation, and IoTeX.

Developers, regardless of their blockchain preferences, can tap into real-world data and assets through W3bstream.

This integration marks just the beginning of what's possible.

As we expand our ecosystem, our R&D team is continuously pushing boundaries to empower DePIN builders with tutorials, workshops, and our developer portal.

Stay tuned for what's next in this exciting journey toward a more connected and decentralized world.

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exactly i told you :This is just the beginning of the game.... let's it run
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