JBL Swing & Portfolio Update

NYSE:JBL   Jabil Inc

Name Jabil Inc

Symbol JBL

Price to Activate @the Market

Stop Loss 7% Below the Price Bought

1st Target Not Listed Yet

2nd Target Not Listed Yet

Update on portfolio
Sold 75% of ‪$NVDA‬ today for a 7.99% Profit. 25% still left on the table.
‪$LDOS‬ Stop Raised to $98.51
‪$MSFT‬ Stop Raised to $168.25
‪$NVDA‬ Stop Raised to $234.26
‪$MSFT‬ Up +19.27%
‪$SEM‬ Up +19.37%
Comment: We bought JBL @ the market today at $38.75. The Stop Loss is $36.03. The First Target is $41.85. The Second Target is $46.50.
JBL is now listed in our current portfolio