A +1% Forex Short - Volume +Pivots +Spectro daytrading strategy!

Hello everyone.

Here's another trade with the Spectro M2 trading system.

Remember this short is yet to be confirmed, so stay tight and wait for the entry confirmations.

Also, there's a good possibility that it might breach this level and we might see another small bull run before the correction, just apply the same entry logic and use the adaptative pivot levels to calculate targets.

If you're aggressive you could already short a small position, perhaps 15~25% allocated cap since we already had an Xconf popping up(the arrow above the open candle now)

We are using the Cumulative Trend Analyzer, Spectro Direction Change Warnings, XConfirmations, and Adaptative Pivotal Levels

The trend analyzer tells you when the trend is losing strength and it might reverse, also it tells you when the move is picking up strength.

The Spectro Direction Warnings, on moderate settings, tell you when the price is getting closer to the price direction change.

The XConfirmations on aggressive mode reads over 10 indicators and tell you that they have consensus in an overbought area.

And the Adaptative Fibonacci levels are right there to show your odds and give you triggers for entry/exit points.

Move stop-losses as you wish, be smart and don't turn a winning trade into a loss.
Comment: On a side note, many brokers only have AUD/JPY and not JPY/AUD, it's the same chart, same logic, just apply it reversed.
Trade closed: target reached
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