Of the 15 trades of successful traders and one more thing...JUVE

✍ ️ I decided today to write a review of the book by Aleksand elder "inputs And outputs: 15 master classes from trading professionals". And for one thing, tell you about the deal I mentioned earlier, short on Juventus shares.
So it will be TRAINING and ANALYSIS in one post, or interesting thoughts and ideas + a specific signal and action.

👉 I will start with the book and the most important thing, I will tell you 3 TOP ideas of this reading. I usually prefer to identify the most basic of any action (including trading on the stock exchange). Here is an example : out of 100 shares, I choose 10 of the most suitable and make deals on 3 of them, or even better on one (well, this is how it goes). So here, after reading the book, I can say the three best ideas that I learned and use in trading (and not only in trading):

1) the Main secret in trading — there is no secret. Just carefully study the experience of real traders.
2) keeping a diary and analyzing transactions (both unprofitable and profitable) is one of the most important factors for success.
3) it is better Not to tell anyone about your open positions — this greatly affects the result.

👀 Now let's talk briefly about the book "Inputs and outputs: 15 master classes from trading professionals", which is an interview with fifteen traders. Stock traders share their real deals for real money — it is interesting to study the experience of successful, or not so, speculators. It is also interesting to read the opinion of the author of the book, Alexander elder, about each position of these traders. He speaks correctly: "Read, but don't believe traders to the end, they all tend to embellish wins and downplay losses!"

👥 Next I will briefly write about these same traders:

1) sherry Haskell (state of California, trading account in the region of $ 1 million)
2) Fred Schutzman (new York state, trading account over $ 1 million)
3) Andrea Perolo (country of Italy, trading account less than 250,000$)
4) Sohail Rabbani (the country of United Kingdom, the account of the district $1 million)
5) ray Tesla Jr. (Penn state, account in the region of $1 million)

6) James McMahon (Arizona state, account less than$250,000)
7) Gerald Appel (state of new York, the expense of more than$1 million)
8) Michael Brenke (North Carolina state, account less than$250,000)
9) Kerry Lovorn (Alabama, trading account about $ 1 million)
10) Diane Buffalin (Michigan state, account less than$ 250,000)

11) David Weiss (Massachusetts, trading account over $ 1 million)
12) William Doane (Massachusetts, trading account over $ 1 million)
13) Damir Makhmudov (country of Latvia, trading account less than 250,000$)
14) Pascal Villen (country of Belgium, trading account about $ 1 million)
15) Martin Knapp (country Australia, trading account about $ 1 million)

📊 Now about the trades of these traders:

Each trader gives two trades, each with its own charts and indicators. As we understand everything individually and everyone has their own strategy and vision of the market, but the most interesting thing is to watch how Alexander elder passes transactions through his system, shows these entry and exit points on his charts, and tells his vision in detail. I recommend you to study and see — this is an interesting idea.

📘 My conclusions from the book: reading this is both useful and interesting! I recommend it!
It would be great to get this sort of analysis from Alexand elder on your deals.

⚽ App now signals for the football club "Juventus". Now this signal has been confirmed and you can enter the position. Our system "4 screens" gives us the go-ahead to enter (by the way, this system is a redesigned system of Alexander elder "3 screens"). Personally, I already entered this position last week. Say guidelines for entry point that are visible on the chart - in € 0.98, stop on 2% of supply in the area of 1,05 Euro, but with a profit and exit point is up to you.
The link to the graph looks like a picture on our system "4 screens" will be in the comments, since the main post is often deleted due to links.

And one more thing, in conclusion, I wanted to add something that I realized from this book — it is better to trade "hidden", not telling anyone about your transactions, as this can greatly affect the results. Recently I watched an interesting movie "money Changers" in which I saw a scene that for me again was like an Epiphany. If you remember the frame where speculators changed rubles for bags of coins and told their "trading idea" to a person from the market, they brought a lot of problems on themselves. So keep your ideas to yourself and share them with your partner investors. That's why I'm tying up with the publication of trading ideas, who is interested, we have an investment Fund Gold_STAR, where all transactions are open and the investor can see everything in their personal account. The results are stable, but remember that this cannot guarantee the same in the future. I will also attach a link to the Fund's statistics in the comments.

I wish you all good reading and good luck in trading!

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