🎾 Deal 151 ATP Djokovic – Nadal. +750,000 rubles on the victory

Today, in the final match of the French open tennis championship, two of the best rackets in the world meet — Novak Djokovic (1st place in the ATP ranking) and Rafael Nadal (2nd place in the ATP). At Roland Garros, the Spaniard has an absolute superiority of victories (6-1) and we believe that this time he will also win (as they say in the powerful practice of "trading Tribe" ed Seikota — "just embrace the trend"). We will bet on his victory with the opportunity to earn +75% and as always explain why we do it!

Warning! Any bet can lose, so it is important to remember about money management and invest no more than 2% in one transaction! We not only describe our own opinion, but also put the funds of

Description Fund on it before the match

Let's start as always with the most important thing – statistics. So, this will be the 57th match between Djokovic and Nadal (the most intense confrontation in the history of men's tennis). In General, Djokovic currently leads the competition — 29:26. in the finals, he is ahead 15:11, but in the Grand slam finals, the score is equal — 4:4. on the ground, Nadal leads 17:7, and in the clay finals — 7:4. at Roland Garros, the Spaniard won six of the seven previous meetings. Rafael Nadal is a 12-time Roland Garros champion. Novak Djokovic has won the French slam only once.

On the way to the final, both tennis players showed good statistics, but Nadal's performances were more confident — not a single set lost, Novak Djokovic lost 3 sets! By the way, if you have noticed, we can often observe interesting coincidences that help us win more often and earn more – for example, yesterday in the women's final, Shventek beat the American Kenin 2-0 (according to the Fund, we earned on this deal in life +42% putting Shventek on victory, there are proofs ) and the passage to the final of the pole was as confident as Rafael Nadal! A coincidence? We don't think.

Did not lose a single final to Roland Garros»

Rafael Nadal is the "king of the ground", no one plays on this surface as well as he does. The most interesting thing is that at the moment Rafa has not lost a single final "Roland Garros" and it will happen this time is not known. Some experts say that he will win without losing a single set (by the way, we conducted an interesting study of how much you could earn by betting on a dry victory in all Raphael's matches, if you remember the same study was with the undefeated Khabib in the UFC), others say that it will be a hard fight and he will lose, others say ... in General, we believe that until you put your money As they say in the book "Memoirs of a stock speculator" by Edwin Lefevre — "nothing is known until you make a bet!".

PS: in any case, put no more than what you are ready to lose, remember about managing emotions, capital and the system, and know that absolutely any idea and deal can lose!

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