KCE - reverse position just in time

Good traders will stopped out the position.
Best one will reverse it.

I can’t remember who said this ,but I did remembered it from the book called The Market Wizard by Jack.
I was holding a very large position of KCE in the morning because it was the last Big-Cap stocks in SET that still had a strong big-buyers. But these kind of stock tend to do a very aggressive moves through time. Holding these kind of stocks need a closer attention. Today is one of those days. The stock opened with yesterday’s high. But due to the very bad market condition, I prepare my stop loss at the very tight 24.00. It did fall. I sold it by the way and sold it all at 23.7. I did accept the loss due to my big position. But after it fall down to 23.4 with a very large momentum, I began to short it ( using DW ). Putting by using DW is very risky so I bought it with a very small volume and increased it by the way with profits. I sold half of it at the market closed. It was a right call. Today I only suffered some small losses.