Regional Banks Leading Market to Hell?

AMEX:KRE   SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF
Regional Banks have always led our economy during booms and during busts. You will note from this simple chart that one key trend line has measured our current secular bull market. Regional banks have remained above this trend line since it was first touched in 2009. Excluding March 2020 (Covid19), which is not valid data, regional banks have never dipped below with confirmation. My best guess is that if they do, it will spell the beginning of the end for the U.S. macroeconomy in its current secular bull run. Watch closely as regional banks are really flushing the toilets today. If not careful, they may also need a savior. Enter JPOW and the Fed for a surprised pause/pivot ...if so.

PacWest, NASDAQ:PACW: -36%
Western Alliance, WAL : -31%
Metropolitan Bank, MCB : -27%
HomeStreet, HMST : -23%
Zions Bank, ZION : -15%
KeyCorp, KEY : -9%
HarborOne, HONE : -10%
Citizens Financial, CFG : -12%

Remember, of our four largest bank failures to date: Washington Mutual (-386 billion), First Republic (-$233 billion), SVB (-209 billion), and Signature Bank (-118 billion) ...three of these have occurred in the last 2 months ...and we ain't done yet, folks.

The true shitcoins are large centralized corporate banks. We must be ready to transition to an alternative currency solution. Enter Bitcoin/crypto. Be ready.


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