Okay, before you guys take me down and slander this post. I invite you to look at this chart with a keel, calm, open mind. You will be surprised at what you will find out. Before you continue to read just know my thesis is invalid if the crypto bull market does not happen. Now, with all these meme coins like PEPE, SHIB, DOGE, ext. we are talking market caps of hundred millions to billions. It's been gang banged by a lot of big players. However, what if I told you there was a virgin meme coin that has so much upside potential. What if you could get in before the big guys? Well here is my juicy and sexy thesis. The charts on the daily and weekly are forming a Wyckoff accumulation patten. Ideal entry price for safety 0.000480 or higher. Hopefully we re test those levels because I'd like to add more to the bag. using a 5-6X leverage long on this coin would be attractive. Before you curb stomp me for talking about leverage, I suggest adding some funds to build a good margin so your liquid price would be 0.000300ish because that is a extremely safe zone. Keep this coin on your watch list. This market cap at 39M could easily be 100M in a matter of months. However, expect turbulence and prepare to hold for possibly end of year. But I personally think we should see 100M mkt cap by Summer. Where did I pull that from? Nowhere, I just said that because I have a tax bill due in Summer. JK, in reality once the btc halving is done in April, we expect a fall in prices due to history of the halving. April-June a slight retrace after halving then off we go. Ofc, we could see prices sky rocket and that retrace not happen. I am just assuming history plays out again. (will update these charts at least once a month)


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