LIGHT.NV - Recovery from the COVID-19 idea

Looking at different markets for the first time. Seems Light.NV can build up a serious bull now as technology markets slowly start to rise again.
Trade closed: target reached: Managed to take some profit this morning.

Open: 20.118
Close: 21.221
Leverage: x5

I still believe LIGHT.NV is in a upward channel and that it's in recovery from COVID-19. More analysis coming up shortly.

Comment: 1W: When we look at the weekly chart and look at the previous trend, we can clearly see there's a new trend building up. We could be in the middle of a bull breakout by the looks of it:

Comment: On the hourly chart you can extrapolate the higher lows and fit them onto an upward curve, which is supported by an upward channel as well since around half of may. This is indicating a strong bullish trend.

Comment: When we look at the 4H chart, there could be a cup and handle in play also indicating a bullish trajectory. If this checks out we might be hitting resistance (somewhere between 30.00 and 33.00) when trying to continue the trend from last year.

Comment: Every day volume seems to close positively. Here's a short analysis based on the 5M chart.

Comment: 30 minute time-frame:
Comment: After may 26th all the MA's have recovered and the chart hasn't gone below ever since. Moving averages look promising.

Comment: Wrong MA values, ignore previous screenshot:
Trade active: I decided to set a long position and the some more risk than normal. Usually I set my stoploss on around 30-35%, but this time I'm willing to take the risk and set it at 50%.