Mountain Climber LINK/BTC #link $LINK #crypto

BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
Here we see our Link Bitcoin pair from Binance but on the 2 week chart . I don't often often look at that timeframe but seems to fit this one ! As you can see Link has been on a steady climb up since late 2017 , over 3 years . And there actually aren't very many pullbacks here ! But we appear to be in a pullback now with those 8 red candles . My guess would be we at least see another 9th red candle on this TD Sequential 9 sequence in a week or so . Then perhaps there is more upside here . Also we should be heading back up over 160,000 sats and beyond . How long before LINK sees new All Time Highs in sats just like it saw recently in usd ? Probably not long . LINK is looking to have a great future . See my chart linked below .Is this our last pullback before the rise ? Again , LINK doesn't have that many pullbacks on the Btc pair chart . And this is a higher timeframe . It would appear that LINK will continue mountain climbing for awhile !