LINKBTC Inverted Head and Shoulders!!

BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
Taking a look at chainlink BTC and noticed a very valid inverted head and shoulders pattern which is bullish! we are looking at a couple key areas here being the top of the shoulders and the 0.2 FIB, we are looking for something similar to my path drawing a push above and a retest is necessary before we can really start moving up. Now if this plays out we will have to look out for the 0.2 FIB resistance level we definitely should have enough momentum to cut through here but i would like to see a confirmed close above the 0.2 FIB. The RSI is starting to curl downwards but isnt in the overbought zone, but aslong as we stay above the midline we can be considered in a confirmed uptrend, now the stoch RSI on the other hand just had a bullish cross and we are now pushing to the upside so that means, theres for sure a chance we see the RSI do the same, along with price action. MACD aswell had a very bullish bounce of the orange MA in a what looked like a bearish cross, definitely seeing momentum here and the histogram looks very nice, each bar on this new green cycle is increasing in size day by day showing more and more bullish momentum, with no current sign of slowing down. Not financial advice just my opinion!