Big Alert in Chanlink Dominance!!! Soon this will happen

I fount out that Chainlink it's showing us a bullish risign wedge in their dominance. Chainlink Dominane it's bullish , and I see that it's around of 0.61%. Chainlink could be the next altcoin to explode soon!!! And based the left chart, Chainlink could to go back to 2% of Dominance, that it's bullish , and looking the right chart, we see that Chainlink/ Ethereum ratio it's bearish and I have these 3 possible targets that Chainlink could to reach down. This could be another plan that it's out of my plan A and B, but now I will put Chainlink in my under radar, because the next movement what Chainlink will do in this dominance could to influence bullish in their price and ratios in Bitcoin and Ethereum . And also, it's very possible that Chainlink go back into the top 10 best cryptocurrency. As Chainlink it's in the top #13 after of Bitcoin (top #1), Ethereum (top #2), Tether (top #3), Binance Coin (top #4), Cardano (top #5), XRP (top #6), Dogecoin (top #7), USD Coin (top #8), Polkadot (top #9), Uniswap (top #10), Binance USD (top #11) and Bitcoin Cash (top #12)

Now, I will going to be in alert of Chainlink news, Dominance and ratios and price to get this analytical data if Chainlink could to influence soon the bullish movement to be prepare to invest in this cryptocurrency.